Ink, Cocks hits the autumn festivals

Why is @krentable grinning? Maybe it's the festivals he just got invited to...? Raindance Film Festival 2017 (nominated for Best Short Documentary), MOTELX in Portugal, Aesthetica SFF in York and Exit 6 Film Festival 2017 - think of all the free canapes! But what he loves most is the networking...and he brings it hard.


Storyboard master James Iles joins DC Crew

We are massively stoked to be working with James Iles, veteran of Sherlock, Dr. Who and The Crow reboot. He is creating the boards for the special FX sequences involving our friendly neighbourhood doll maggot, who asks: "Are you my new best friend? Hee hee hee!" James is based in Iceland (insert your own 'cool joke' here) and we are thrilled to welcome him to the DC Crew - see his work here:

Deep Clean Tshirt s.jpg

matt hosts Walter Murch at Curzon Soho - NDH18

Wow - what a truly amazing night and a personal wish-list item fulfilled. NoDirectionHome was thrilled to present Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation on 35mm plus an extended Q&A with special guest Walter Murch, hosted by Matt on August 2nd at Curzon Soho.

Coppola’s 1974 movie The Conversation is about Harry Caul, a socially withdrawn surveillance expert (Gene Hackman) who is employed by a mysterious figure (Robert Duvall) and his assistant (Harrison Ford) to surreptitiously record a couple's conversation. As Harry pieces together fragments of recordings, he uncovers a mystery - perhaps a murder - but as he finds out more, does he actually know less? The Conversation is a classic study of trust, intimacy, suspicion and paranoia.

Massive thanks of course to Walter, Aggie and Taghi Amirani, and hats off to Michael Garrad at Curzon Soho,  and the NDH Crew - Laura Kirby, Steve Martin, Mike Chapman, Roxy, and all the guests for coming down to a sold out evening. More events to come soon...

More pics and videos here:

Directors Uk article part 3: The Universal Will to Become

"I read a book a long time ago by the masterly Kurt Vonnegut called The Sirens of Titan. In this future world on some far flung planet (Titan), they have of course moved past the need for fossil fuel and spaceships are powered by a force called The Universal Will to Become."

How does this relate to crowdfunding you ask? Read the Directors UK article to find out!

Amazing - we are 113% funded!

So our campaign finished at midnight Weds 12th with a total of £28,388!

We are SO indebted to all our backers, team and partners on this journey to make our monster movie...! This has been quite insane, and we are knackered, but we have also had an amazing time, not just with the DC team - Krent Able, Roxy Holman, Laura Kirby & Mike Chapman... 

...but also with all our lovely collaborators - Kite Base (Kendra Frost & Ayse Hassan), Tara Busch of I Speak Machine, Territory Studios & Dan Martin of 13 Finger FX.

We must also send big love to our supportive partners who got behind the project - big shout outs to VICE, Shooting People, Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine, Chris Baker, LOCO (Denise Hicks & Jonathan Wakeham), Stuart Wright at Britflicks, John Sanders, Gosh Comics, Orbital Comics, The Quietus, Festival Formula, Ed Wiles at FilmShorts, Thats A Wrap & Directors UK - thanks for being on the DC Crew with us...!!

Deep Clean hits the kickstarter homepage

We are very excited that our Deep Clean project has hit the Kickstarter homepage, and as of today we are 94% funded at £23,622 - lets bring this thing home with 36 hours to go!

Directors UK article PART 2: The Big Confidence Trick

Very honoured to have been asked to write this campaign diary for Directors UK, spelling out all the things we did, why, and how painful it all was...Part 2: The Big Confidence Trick, hits the Directors UK list it and weep! CLICK HERE to read the full article...

We also hit £17k today - things are moving...

"the perfect package" at sheffield hallam uni

Had a great time speaking to the Sheffield Hallam Uni Filmmaking MA students about presenting projects, in a talk that has rather flatteringly been billed as The Perfect Package, hosted by man-about-town Colin Pons at Sheffield Hallam University. We go through pitching, materials, sizzle reels and concept trailers, festival strategy, look books, and end up with crowdfunding of coming soon!

almost 50% funded in just 7 days!

£12,061 - we are almost 50% FUNDED in just 7 days. THANK YOU SO MUCH  to all our supporters. Please help us HIT £12.5k today...@krentable @mikepc9 #deepcleanfilm #supportindiefilm

directors Uk campaign diary article

"This is a great insight in how to
crowd fund a project."

"Filmmaking is hard enough and lonely enough anyway, without us all keeping strategies, secrets and hacks we have discovered to ourselves." Read the first instalment in Directors UK member Matt Harlock’s candid crowdfunding diary, as he sets up a Kickstarter campaign for his new supernatural horror short, "Deep Clean".



shooting people blog supports deep clean

Thrilled that we are featured in @blainebrothers Ben's SP blog today:
"This is me unashamedly instructing you to put some money into Deep Clean
Matt works tirelessly to support other filmmakers, not least through his increasingly essential organisation No Direction Home which brings filmmakers together. On every level he deserves the support of his fellow filmmakers."


Woah - £10K in just 3 days, thank you!

So flip me, we've been working really hard through this goddamn heatwave, and here's just SOME of the media posts we've been flipping out to the world over the last 3 days to grab your attention (and hopefully, money, ha)... enjoy. Boom!

Britflicks podcast goes live!

Huge thanks to our friends at and Nerdly. We spoke with 'uber-journo-about-town' Stuart Wright (@leytonrocks) about Ink, Cocks, our exciting new Kickstarter project Deep Clean, and drilled down into some of the intracacies of working with the mystery wrapped inside the enigma that is @Krentable - man, myth, monster in tight hot pants...listen below...

The Quietus launches Ink, Cocks!

Really pleased that our friends at The Quietus (big up Paddy Clarke & 'CEO with the most' John Doran) are now showing the full Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll film - check it out here: The Quietus Launch Ink, Cocks

Ink, Cocks at Shorts on Tap, 93 Feet East

We were excited to show Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll at the excellent Shorts on Tap at 93 Feet East, where we saw a bunch of interesting docs and screened 'the opus' to the brave souls who braved the screening on the hottest day of the year! Sweaty fo sho! 

Kickstarter launch...Hulk smash!

The Avengers assembled - here's to our awesome team - the unsurpassable Katy Driscoll, Laura Kirby (Buzz Queen), Steve/Krent Able, Mike 'Horror' Chapman and Roxy "get it done' Holman...we're gonna bring this home, I swears ya! 

Vice interview for ink, Cocks online release

Spoke with Jamie Clifton, VICE, about all things Ink, Krent & Deep Clean today - article link is here: VICE article "Krent Able is one of the UK's most hilarious, vicious, unsettling illustrators. He also does't exist" Jamie Clifton. Hmmm...looks like he nailed it...

"Krent – the acerbic, sharp-eared menace – is the alter-ego of Steve Martin, the London-based artist whose brilliant work we've published on VICE numerous times. In fact, our website is where director Matt Harlock – of American: The Bill Hicks Story – first came across his illustrations, sparking a relationship that would eventually lead to Ink, Cocks & Rock 'n' Roll, a documentary that we're premiering on today."