Woah - £10K in just 3 days, thank you!

So flip me, we've been working really hard through this goddamn heatwave, and here's just SOME of the media posts we've been flipping out to the world over the last 3 days to grab your attention (and hopefully, money, ha)... enjoy. Boom!

Britflicks podcast goes live!

Huge thanks to our friends at Britflicks.com and Nerdly. We spoke with 'uber-journo-about-town' Stuart Wright (@leytonrocks) about Ink, Cocks, our exciting new Kickstarter project Deep Clean, and drilled down into some of the intracacies of working with the mystery wrapped inside the enigma that is @Krentable - man, myth, monster in tight hot pants...listen below...

The Quietus launches Ink, Cocks!

Really pleased that our friends at The Quietus (big up Paddy Clarke & 'CEO with the most' John Doran) are now showing the full Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll film - check it out here: The Quietus Launch Ink, Cocks

Ink, Cocks at Shorts on Tap, 93 Feet East

We were excited to show Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll at the excellent Shorts on Tap at 93 Feet East, where we saw a bunch of interesting docs and screened 'the opus' to the brave souls who braved the screening on the hottest day of the year! Sweaty fo sho! 

Kickstarter launch...Hulk smash!

The Avengers assembled - here's to our awesome team - the unsurpassable Katy Driscoll, Laura Kirby (Buzz Queen), Steve/Krent Able, Mike 'Horror' Chapman and Roxy "get it done' Holman...we're gonna bring this home, I swears ya! 

Vice interview for ink, Cocks online release

Spoke with Jamie Clifton, VICE, about all things Ink, Krent & Deep Clean today - article link is here: VICE article "Krent Able is one of the UK's most hilarious, vicious, unsettling illustrators. He also does't exist" Jamie Clifton. Hmmm...looks like he nailed it...

"Krent – the acerbic, sharp-eared menace – is the alter-ego of Steve Martin, the London-based artist whose brilliant work we've published on VICE numerous times. In fact, our website is where director Matt Harlock – of American: The Bill Hicks Story – first came across his illustrations, sparking a relationship that would eventually lead to Ink, Cocks & Rock 'n' Roll, a documentary that we're premiering on vice.com today."

The Quietus cover Ink Cocks release

Those lovely chaps at the Quietus dropped our trailer today, and wrote some nice words too! Check them out here...http://thequietus.com/articles/22636-watch-trailer-for-new-krent-able-film-launching-22-june

Steve Martin, better known by his demonic alias Krent Able, will be launching his new film Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll with tQ.

The film celebrates Martin’s morbid artwork and the alter-ego that creates it, an interesting contrast when in reality Martin is much more personable than one would expect.

Having done the tour artwork for Kendra Frost and Savages’ Ayşe Hassan, we interviewed Martin, Frost and Hassan about his artwork, music, cocks and finding the limit in provocative art. As the artist known for drawing wolf-like self-portraits and perverted Nick Caves, Martin defends “I’m not pushing myself, I’m just winding people up.”

Ink, Cocks & Rock’n’Roll will launch on tQ on June 22, you can watch a trailer above, and check back in here next week to watch the whole thing.

Do meet your heroes, they rule...


That thing where you meet one of your absolute film heroes, and he gives you a fortune cookie...unreal. @waltermurch created some of THE most memorable moments of my film life. He carries a coffee can full of philosophical film quotes that he gives out - mine was from Erik Satie #apocalypsenow #theconversation  @krentable #deepcleanfilm #stayfrosty

Deep Clean Crew - the (cheap) avengers assemble!

First meeting of the Deep Clean Crew @PicturehouseCentral for a brainstorm, beer and development of the key strategic component of the campaign - stupid nicknames and catch phrases. So far, 'The Wilf', 'The Buzz Queen' and "You spoiled my parteee!" are winning...@kidkirby @roxy_holman, @minicollett, @krentable happy days, bring on June 20th mofos!   

in official Competition at On Vous Ment, Lyon

Very excited to be playing the Official Competition at the excellent International Mockumentary Film Festival On Vous Ment! 2017 Festival in Lyon today, playing on Sunday, June 4 at 11 a.m. at the Cinéma Comoedia in Lyon.

Only five feature films and eight international short movies have been selected for the official competition. The jury is composed of Richard Bohringer (Le Grand Chemin) - Ian Hart (Harry Potter) Stefania Casini (Suspiria) - Fabio Testi (L’important c’est d’aimer) - Russell Mulcahy (Razorback, Highlander). What a line up...good luck to all the filmmakers!

Best Director nomination at Fastnet Film Festival

Totally stoked that Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll was nominated for the
Jack Gold Prize for Best Direction at the Fastnet Film Festival in Schull, Ireland. We love that Krent's story has connected with the Fastnet crowd - thank you so much for the vote of confidence...big up to Helen Wells & the team - cheers guys x

Deep Clean KS vid shoot

Oof - so we went and shot this thing...we put some jokes in, some different shirts, Steve wanted to 'look cool' which I believe he does - and gets the best line of the whole thing, even though i did all the talking...thanks to the awesome Kyle Stevenson who shot it, and to James Heath, Stephen Follows, Chris Blaine and Richie Pengelley for the feedback...bring on the June 20th KICKSTARTER LAUNCH - boomshanka!

Horse Hospital screening May 10th

Great evening screening Ink Cocks with the guys from Nova, including illustrious organiser Billy Chainsaw, @jasonatomic and the legendary Graham Humphreys, designer of the iconic Evil Dead (for Palace in the 80s) and Nightmare on Elm Street posters...cowabunga!

Online Premiere VICE.com June 20th

Can't tell you how pleased we are that Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll will have it's online premiere on VICE.com on June 20th 2017. Tune in to Vice that day for SPECIAL NEWS about our new Kickstarter film project. Join us on the next leg of this revolting, despicable journey to the deep dark depths...buyer beware.

Nova Nights, Horse Hospital screening, 10th may

Stoked to be screening at Billy Chainsaw's Nova NightsProgressive, Transgressive & Underground Film Night at the Horse Hospital, London on 10th may - tickets from www.thehorsehospital.com. Come bring the noise...

LOCO Film Festival screening May 7th

LOCO 2017 - what a line up! We saw the UK premieres of Mindhorn & The Hippopotamus, the Hot Fuzz 10th anniversary screening, and 2 sweet shorts programmes, including Bullet to the Heart by NDH guest Jon Drever, Seb Cardinal's Clowns and our very own Ink, C--ks & Rock'n'Roll - bing! Big up to sponsor Max Yeoman of Mind's Eye - lovin' the style.

Crowdfunding talk at LOCO

Very pleased to have been asked to do a Crowdfunding Masterclass at LOCO as part of the Kickstart your Comedy Career day - thanks to Denise Hicks, Jonathan Wakeham, Harriet Fleuriot and the gang...we dived into case studies from our NDH guests at NDH 17 incl. The Truthful Phone, Biopunk and Postcards from the 48%...thank you for having me x

Dan Martin 13FingerFX workshop visit

We were thrilled to spend an afternoon with Dan Martin, FX supremo of 13 FingerFX (veteran of Ben Wheatley films Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England, High Rise and Free Fire, and recently of Alien Covenant fame) to discuss FX on our new project Deep Clean - much debate of silicon and rubber mouldings, freaky alien eyeballs and naked rockin' out babies followed - awesome fun up ahead!