deep clean

"Donate to the Kickstarter - it'll be well worth it." article

"Sounds like a fantastic UK horror short" 
London needs a Deep Clean Screen Anarchy  

"Krent Able is the notorious cartoonist famed for his maximalist approach to sex, violence, gore, and of course, cocks."
The Quietus - trailer launch and Ink, Cocks preview

"Really looking forward to seeing a Krent Able demon monster come to life on the big screen" 
Stuart Wright, Britflicks

"This is me unashamedly instructing you to put some money into Deep Clean
Matt works tirelessly to support other filmmakers, not least through the increasingly essential No Direction Home.
On every level he deserves the support of his fellow filmmakers."


"This is a great insight in how to crowd fund a project." 
Read the first instalment in Directors UK member Matt Harlock’s candid crowdfunding diary, as he sets up
a Kickstarter campaign for his new supernatural horror short, "Deep Clean".


"Every now and again a fantastic idea comes to fruition through the magic of crowd funding. This hopefully is one of those projects. It’s a Kickstarter staff pick and you just need to watch their video to see why. It’s important for the UK to support projects like this so please do check it out."

Ink, cocks & rock'n'roll

“A visceral, tangible immersive gore. Outrageous fun." 
Corin Hardy (dir. The Hallow, The Nun)

"Great piece of work - really opened a hidden can of cultural worms to dip my head into.” 
Marc Munden (dir. Utopia/National Treasure)

"Transgressive, funny, and downright offensive"
The Quietus

"Krent Able is one of the UK's most hilarious, vicious, unsettling illustrators.
He also does't exist"

"I was captivated by it's tongue in cheek approach to it's subject" Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“The hybrid style worked really well...adds to the fun.” Philip Ilson, LSFF

“Great…a really fun film.”  Charlie Phillips, The Guardian

“We just fell in love with it.” Celluloid Screams

“Innovative, cleverly executed, psychologically chilling - one to watch out for in 2017” Hayley’s Horror

"Totally inappropriate - thank you!” SF IndieFest

"An exciting and informative documentary that becomes a horror film!” Stuart Wright, Britflicks

"Support Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll"

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